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Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

Unlike a windshield, in most cases, if your car’s side window gets damaged it will need to be replaced.


Alpha Auto Glass inc. ensures the glass for your side window replacement is as good as the original piece of glass we are replacing.


We only use glass manufactured to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards for all our work, including side window replacement.


We change side mirrors glass!


Regulator: If your door glass is not going up and down, and the glass itself is good, you have to replace your regulator.


Give us a call with your VIN number, and we will be glad to replace your regulator for you. Door Glass: We replace the glass with brand-new glass, we vacuum your car clean and nice, and we carry all the major brand glass.


We accept all insurance claims, free on site mobile service to wherever you are in 25 minutes!

auto glass repair and replacement
auto glass tinting

Auto Glass Tinting

There are many types of window films for window tinting out on the market, so how would an average consumer know what to choose?


We chose to carry only the highest quality window tinting films because of their excellent optical clarity, aesthetics, and high heat rejection capabilities.


We are dedicated to providing you with outstanding value, quality, and customer service.


We tint both private and commercial vehicles. Call for a free quote!

Mobile Services

We understand that a broken window can be an emergency and often needs to be fixed ASAP.


We will come to you!


We offer free mobile service for both window tinting and auto glass services. It's our goal to make it as convenient, fast, and painless as possible.


Whatever your needs, Alpha Auto Glass is available!

Book Us: ​1-800-399-1050​​

Alpha Auto Glass Mobile Auto Glass Services

Cracked Windshields Near the Edge Have an 80% Chance of Cracking Out

Most rock chips are found in the lower half of a vehicle’s front glass, which makes this interesting because, from a structural perspective, it is the worst place for rock chips or a star break to be located as these will most likely crack out to the edge of the windshield.


The lower half of the windshield along with the outer two-inch black area at the edge is the weakest in terms of resistance to object impact and other stresses that may adversely affect your auto glass. This is why so many small rock chips are so quick to spread into large cracks, forcing expensive replacement. It’s important to have a professional look at your cracked or chipped windshield in order to determine whether a repair or replacement is needed.

Alpha Auto Glass Means Quality Customer Care

We are professionals when it comes to Auto Glass Replacement or Repair. 


You have a lot of choices when it comes to auto glass repair or replacement, and we understand that.


We want to leave a lasting impression on you so that you'll be comfortable referring your friends and family to Alpha Auto Glass Inc.


Our Technicians Are Trained and Certified To Repair Or Replace Any Of The Following:


Front Windshield Replacement <> Quarter Glass Replacement <> Door Glass Replacement <> Back Glass Replacement

Regulator Replacement <> Door Motor

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